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Giving Better, Giving Smarter: Renewing Philanthropy in America

(A high speed internet connection is recommended for downloading this book.)

Intro & Executive Summary (9.5 Mb)

Chapter 1: The Dilemma of Giving in America (13 Mb)

Chapter 2: The Dimensions of Giving (9 Mb)

Chapter 3: National Survey Findings (15 Mb)

Chapter 4: The Economics of Giving (6.5 Mb)

Chapter 5: A Brief History of American Charity (12.5 Mb)

Chapter 6: The Need for Wiser Giving (7.5 Mb)

Chapter 7: Institutional Philanthropy & Religious Giving (13.5 Mb)

Chapter 8: Recognizing Successful Recipients (13.5 Mb)

Chapter 9: Lessons Learned (7 Mb)

Notes (2.5 Mb)

Book Bios (4 Mb)

Full PDF download available below.

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