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Securing Defense Technology in a Globalized Marketplace December 17th Event

Defense trade has become a global business with multiple major state players, and advanced R&D increasingly requires extensive cooperation between government and industry. In the face of growing concerns over cyber terrorism and intellectual property theft, the mission to protect the nation’s vital defense technologies has become more complex than ever.

Beth McCormick, Director of the Defense Technology Security Administration in the Department of Defense, is one of the nation’s foremost experts on this subject. On December 17th, Hudson Institute hosted a presentation by Ms. McCormick on securing today’s and tomorrow’s defense technologies. She shared her unparalleled knowledge of the needs and means to protect this vital aspect of the nation’s security and strategic posture. Hudson Senior Fellow Arthur Herman moderated the event.


Beth McCormick Speaker

Director, Defense Technology Security Administration, Department of Defense

Arthur Herman Moderator

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute


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