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Eric B. Brown

Senior Fellow

Eric Brown is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute. He joined the institute in 2004 as a research associate, and has since directed research and analysis projects on Asian and Middle Eastern affairs, international security and development, alternative geopolitical futures, and strategy.

He is also the editor, with Dr. Hillel Fradkin and Ambassador Husain Haqqani, of the international review Current Trends in Islamist Ideology. He has additionally written for The American Interest, The China Heritage Quarterly, The Wall Street Journal-Asia, and for publications of the Jane’s Information Group, among other places.

Most recently, Brown completed two lengthy alternative futures studies. The first explored the future of Kurdistan in the context of the social and demographic transformations and strategic-sectarian rivalries now shaping the Middle East. The second study, written with Charles Horner, examined the People’s Republic of China’s growing involvements in Central Asia and Southwest Asia and what these may come to mean for future security and political landscapes from the Persian Gulf to the South China Sea.

A core focus of Brown's other work at Hudson has been on upgrading international assistance to vulnerable countries. From 2006-2009, he traveled across the Muslim world, from Morocco to Indonesia, to understand how different societies have been seeking to cope with radicalization. This comparative research contributed to the conceptualization and implementation of partnership programs which aim to support indigenous efforts to enhance public security.

Brown's present research focuses on U.S. alliance building and maintenance in the Greater Middle East, from the Maghreb to the Asian subcontinent.

He graduated with highest honors from Marlboro College and also studied Eastern Classics at St. John's College as well as in Asia.

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