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Daniel McKivergan

Director, Gov't Relations; Deputy Director, Public Affairs

Daniel McKivergan is Director of Government Relations and Deputy Director of Public Affairs for the Hudson Institute. Previously, he was an executive vice president for policy at Baron Public Affairs where he focused on strategic communications and public policy analysis of domestic and international issues. McKivergan was also deputy policy director for the 2008 presidential campaign of Senator John McCain of Arizona. In this position, he managed the policy development process and debate preparation, and also coordinated policy-related activities with the campaign’s speechwriting and communications offices.

Over the years, McKivergan worked for various organizations, including the Philanthropy Roundtable as policy director and associate editor of the journal Philanthropy, and the Weekly Standard as the magazine’s online foreign editor. He also held the position of legislative director for Senator John McCain and former U.S. Representative Daniel Miller of Florida. A graduate of Holy Cross and Johns Hopkins, McKivergan served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve and was a founding member of the board of directors for the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, that supports various programs and initiatives to aide U.S. servicemembers.